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Osun Governorship Election: PDP May Lose Mandate

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The elections for the governor of the state of Osun have been won and lost and the People’s Democratic Party, PDP carried the day. INEC proclaimed its candidate, Ademola Adeleke, the winner with 403,371 votes to defeat its closest challenger, APC Governor Isiaka Oyetola, with 375,027 votes.

Although the PDP has since been declared the winner by the INEC, the latter may not have been heard, as the APC may still retain control of the main Southwestern state through the courts. If this happens, it means that all votes for the PDP will be lost.

The pre-election case of who the bona fide PDP candidate is was in court. The case is now at the Court of Appeal level and if the party left the court, PDP could lose its mandate to APC.

It will be sad if the votes cast for the PDP on Saturday turn into garbage. It will be really very sad, considering the enormous time, energy and resources that the party has devoted to the election. And that’s what APC is counting on, because the PDP doesn’t have a gubernatorial candidate by law. It’s just the simple fact and it’s sad.

The summary of the judgement by Judge Nathaniel Ayo-Emmanuel of the Federal Court of Osogbo is worrying. The Honorable Judge clearly noted that the primary that produced Senator Ademola Adeleke took place in the right place and was conducted by the right people but with the wrong delegates. It means that the primaries are built on nothing. So he can’t stand.

This is one more reason why his opponent, Omooba Dotun Babayemi, returned to the court of appeal, without looking for anything. For Babayemi, the court held that while he was elected by the right delegates, the primary that produced him was in the wrong place and run by the wrong people. So his primary does not support it.

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There is a precedent after which this case will end. Neither Adeleke nor Babayemi’s candidate can stand the law, the Supreme Court has ruled in Zamfara Unfortunately, Babayemi continued to persuade his few supporters to vote for the PDP in order to help the APC.

As a lawyer, he knows that neither he nor Adeleke was validly elected as candidates for the governorship of the PDP. He also knows that if Adeleke wins, Oyetola or anyone else will eventually become the governor, as the aforementioned election will be permanently annulled by the court.

He remains in court due to his selfish agenda, thinking that the cancellation of Adeleke’s election will give him a chance to return to Osun West in 2026.

Honestly, the PDP shot himself in the leg. All the votes cast on the PDP in this election could end up being lost votes. But we will have to wait for the court to take the shocking blow.

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