International Jazz Day

April thirty every year is observed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, as International Jazz Day.

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The event is to highlight the role of Jazz in uniting people of all races.Jazz is a musical genre that originated in African-American communities in the late 19th and early 20th centuries with roots in blues.

It is characterized by swing and blues notes, complex chords call and response vocals, poly rythms and improvisation.

As the world celebrates international Jazz day, a Don in the music department, University of Uyo, Dr Ukeme Udoh narrates the origin and importance of Jazz.

Also, a Jazz pundit, Comrade Samuel Udofia of the Television arm of Akwa Ibom Broadcasting Corporation frowns at poor attitude of some people in this part of the world towards jazz.

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A passionate presenter of jazz on radio Akwa Ibom, MrIfiok Effiong testifies to the qualities and uniqueness of jazz as music beyond borders.

Also, a microbiologist, University of Uyo, Mr Fidel Umoh sees jazz as music for all irrespective of class or professionThe theme for 2021 International jazz day, centers on promoting the diversities of Afro jazz musical expression and give strength to the resilience of Artistes.

Therefore, as the world celebrates the International day of jazz, it is timely to replace such negative traits like arson, banditry and animosity for the melody of love, tolerance and inter cultural exchange beyond ethnic divides for a peaceful and virile society.


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