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US Legalized Abortion: Biden Blast Supreme Court

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Joe Biden denounced a “radical” Supreme Court draft judgment on Tuesday that might overturn the landmark 1973 case that legalized abortion across the country.

The US president expressed his hope that the draft would not be approved by courts, claiming that it represents a “major shift in American jurisprudence.” “This puts “other basic rights” like birth control and marriage in jeopardy.

“If this decision stands, it’s a very radical conclusion,” says the author “Added he.

A vote to overturn Roe v. Wade might result in abortion bans in about half of the states, re-energizing the polarizing issue ahead of this year’s elections.

It appears to be igniting new efforts to protect abortion access in Democratic-leaning states.

“If the Supreme Court rules against Roe, it will be up to our country’s elected representatives at all levels of government to defend a woman’s right to choose,” Biden added.

Vice President Kamala Harris has slammed a proposed US Supreme Court ruling that would repeal federal abortion rights.

“How could they,” she said at the EMILY’S List political action committee’s national conference on Tuesday.

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“How dare they try to take away women’s rights and liberties!”

“In America, women’s rights are being attacked,” Harris remarked.

“We know what we’re up against today, and we know what we’re up against.”

“Let us fight with everything we’ve got,” says the narrator.

The Supreme Court issued a warning that no final ruling had been reached.

The court’s term ends in late June or early July, so no definitive decision is likely until then.

The leak of the draft opinion, which was revealed by Politico and represents an exceptionally rare violation of the court’s private discussion process, has been ordered to be investigated.

Even before the court’s decision, a legislative drive to restrict abortion is underway in many Republican-led states, the most recent of which is Oklahoma.

On Tuesday, Oklahoma’s Republican governor, Kevin Stitt, signed a Texas-style abortion ban prohibiting abortions after six weeks of pregnancy.

Leaders in New York and California, on the other hand, have extended a warm welcome to women seeking abortions in their states, and other Democratic states have taken steps to protect abortion access in their legislation.

Since the news broke, rival groups of demonstrators have taken to the streets, with some organizing a demonstration outside the Supreme Court.

A demonstration in Los Angeles devolved into a skirmish with police, who said one officer was hurt.


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