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As he blasted the current round of sanctions against Russia, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky claimed western countries are more concerned about the economic impact of increased energy costs than the deaths of innocent Ukrainians.

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Ukraine’s president appealed to the international community for more military aid in a nightly speech, saying that fresh US and EU sanctions are “insufficient” to stop Russian aggression.

While US President Joe Biden promised to “ratchet up the agony” on people close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, his Ukrainian counterpart claimed the west’s new sanctions against the Kremlin seem “amazing” but are insufficient.

The US is imposing “full blocking sanctions” on Sberbank, Russia’s largest private bank, as well as Mr. Putin’s children, while the EU is planning to prohibit the purchase of Russian coal.

Mr. Zelensky called for a comprehensive embargo on Russian oil and gas, describing the economic measures as insufficient in light of Russian soldiers’ “evil” treatment of Ukrainian civilians.

“Some politicians continue to be unable to determine how to halt the flow of petrodollars and oil euros to Russia without jeopardizing their own economies,” he said.

“The only question is how many more Ukrainian men and women the Russian military will have time to murder in order for you, certain politicians – we know who you are – to find some resolve.”

The Kremlin will interpret the existing sanctions, which Mr. Zelensky believes are insufficient, as a green signal.

He argued that they offer the Russian command “authority to assault.”

Oleksiy Honcharuk, Ukraine’s prime minister, reiterated this sentiment, adding that western sanctions were “too little, too late.”

They will not collaborate with Mr. Putin, whom he likened to Adolf Hitler.

“The leaders of the Western world are terrified.

It’s a shame, but the sanctions are too little, too late because their purpose is to stop Putin.

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“And these punishments will have no effect on [him],” he added.

Nato leaders convened in Brussels on Thursday for the second day of talks on the Ukraine war, as worries of a stepped-up Russian attack on the eastern Donbas region grew.

Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s foreign minister, joined them in Belgium, setting out clear demands from Kyiv.

“I’ve come here today to talk about three things: weapons, weapons, and weapons.

Ukraine’s immediate requirements, supply sustainability, and long term solutions that will help Ukraine succeed,” he stated.

More evidence of suspected Russian war crimes has apparently been discovered in the village of Bucha, northwest of the city, prompting his demands.

According to the German tabloid Der Spiegel, Berlin’s intelligence service intercepted Russian military radio messages that appear to discuss the death of people.

Ukraine claims Russian troops massacred more than 300 citizens in Bucha, a Kyiv neighborhood besieged by Kremlin forces until last week, some of whom had their wrists tied behind their backs.

The radio recordings are said to match the town’s known deaths.

A Russian soldier recalled shooting a local citizen off their bicycle in one intercept.

Moscow dismissed western accusations of Russian war crimes in Bucha as a “monstrous fake” earlier this week, claiming that bodies were planted to undermine its forces.

Satellite imagery, on the other hand, seems to back up Ukraine’s assertion, showing dead laying in one of Bucha’s streets during Russia’s control.

Civilian deaths in Mariupol, which has been under siege for years, are estimated to be significantly higher, with the mayor claiming that 5,000 people have been murdered so far, including 210 children.

According to British defense authorities, 160,000 people are still stranded there, desperate for food and water.

Moscow is thought to be reorganizing for a big near-term operation in eastern and southern Ukraine around Mariupol.

As a result, Ukrainian officials in areas where further confrontations are expected have urged inhabitants to escape while they still have the opportunity.

“Evacuate! Every day, your prospects of escaping Russian execution for yourself and your family are shrinking “The governor of the Luhansk area, Serhiy Gaidai, stated.



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