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The first new music from Britney Spears has been made available since it was controlled almost entirely by a conservatory.

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Before the album was released, she remarked

I’m a little overburdened because it’s a big deal for me.

The song, which is set to a summery club beat, combines three of Sir Elton John’s greatest hits: Tiny Dancer, The One, and Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.

It is challenging to assess how Spears’ voice has changed since we last heard her because she and Sir Elton sing in unison throughout the song with echoed vocals.

She does, however, engage in some improvisations that show how her voice has developed and deepened over the past six years, including a signature “baby” midway through the song. (An erroneous fan theory contends that Britney sings in this range naturally and that her former manager made her sing in a “fake baby voice” to conform to the expectations of the public.).

Sonically, Hold Me Closer is made of the same stuff as Cold Heart, the Dua Lipa duet that gave Sir Elton John a worldwide number-one hit last year.

This formula has proven to be unbeatable across numerous radio formats and streaming playlists, aiding in the introduction of Sir Elton John’s hits to a younger audience. It’s not surprising that he’s attempting to recapture the magic of this sequel, which also combines two pop eras with the two stars singing classic songs over airbrushed disco grooves.

Sir Elton claimed that his husband David Furnish was the one who suggested putting Spears on the case.

Earlier this week, Sir Elton performed the song’s debut to diners at a French beach restaurant while singing along to a DJ playing the song.

She is a true icon and one of the greatest pop stars of all time, and she performs beautifully on this album. She is the love of my life, and I am overjoyed with what we have accomplished together. “.

Spears was finally freed from the contentious conservatory last November after 13 years of it managing almost every aspect of her life.

The celebrity would no longer have to pay a group of experts and attorneys to handle her cases, and she could take back control of her finances, career, and private life. Despite pressure from her fans, the celebrity is hesitant to make a comeback in the music industry.


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