fire outbreak
fire outbreak

By Edet Ikotidem

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The investigation into the immediate and indirect causes of the deaths of 2 children who perished in a fire outbreak on Udo Imuk Street in Eket has been ordered by Mr. Olatoye Durosinmi, the commissioner of police for the Akwa Ibom State.
The fire broke out at around seven o’clock in the evening, and the children, who were ages six and three, were burned beyond recognition.
The kids’ parents, it was learned, had locked them in a room.
When they saw the fire, neighbors told news crews that they were unaware that there were children inside the one-room apartment.
The State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Odiko Macdon, confirmed the incident in an interview with AKBC News and said the Commissioner of Police is shocked over the deaths of the young children.
He claimed that the Commissioner had mandated a covert investigation to determine why the parents had locked the young children in the room.
Mr. Macdon described their demise as painful and preventable.
Although the exact cause of the inferno is unknown, it was determined that there was no light source in the room, such as an electrical outlet, candle, or gas cylinder.
Prince Ekpo, the victim’s father and a native of Nsit Ubium Local Government Area, claimed he left his phone in the room to light it up for the kids only to come back and find them dead from burns.

A family of 4 in Ikot Ekpeyak

The two children, a wife, and Prince Ekpo all share a single room at home. Prince Ekpo claimed that his wife had gone shopping earlier.
The landlord, Mr. Dot Bright Peter, told journalists that he called neighbors to put out the fire, but that by the time help arrived, the children had already been burned.

In a related development, a family of 4 in Ikot Ekpeyak Ikono, Uyo Local Government Area, narrowly escaped death when a fire destroyed their home at midnight.

A week-old child who had just been returned from a maternity home by its mother was one of those who were saved.

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According to the home’s owner, Mr. Uduak Sunday Okon, who spoke with AKBC News, the incident took place as one of his children was adding kerosene to a lit lantern.
Okon, also known as Udo Baba, claimed that he attempted to fling his three children including the infant, who was already fast asleep—out of the burning building as quickly as possible.
Despite no one in his family passing away, he claimed that his life savings and all of his other possessions were destroyed.

Okon, who recently married his wife, also claimed that the inferno destroyed all of the wedding-related gifts and newborn baby materials.
Uduak Okon, who currently receives shelter from neighbors while supporting himself through menial labor, has made an appeal to the state government and other civic-minded organizations and people for help.


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