Akan udofia
The incoming governor of Akwa Ibon State, Obong Akan Udofia

By Edet Offiong

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The minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Obong Umana Okon Umana, and the senate candidate for Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District on the platform of the APC, Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio have affirmed that Obong Akan Udofia is the APC governorship candidate in Akwa Ibom State

‘Let us move away from petty bickering and wrangling over the past, while deliberate steps are being made to peacefully address the long-standing issues in our party, Obong Umana said.

Mr. Umana stated this in his first-ever ministerial briefing with APC stakeholders in Akwa Ibom State on Friday in Uyo.

akan udofia
Senator Godswill Akpabio

In order to end the protracted crisis that engulfed the party in the wake of the APC State Congresses and Party, Obong Umana reminded stakeholders that they alone are responsible for finding solutions to their internal issues.

‘The Party’s NEC had nominated Obong Akan Udofia to run for governor on March 11, 2023, and that the APC is only waiting for the court to confirm this’ were the words Umana told those at the meeting.

The Minister stated that the gathering was required to open a line of communication with interested parties to suggest a course of action for resolving the ongoing crisis that undermined the party’s cohesion, strength, and effectiveness.
He specifically thanked President Muhammadu Buhari for appointing him as Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, noting that it was a rare privilege and honor for Akwa Ibom state to be repeatedly entrusted with the responsibility of managing the affairs of the NDDC. Despite the short notice, he appreciated and commended Akwa Ibom APC stakeholders for honoring his invitation.

Senator Godswill Akpabio while speaking at the event reaffirmed Obong Umana’s claim that Akan Udofia was duly elected and acknowledged as APC’s candidate for governor of Akwa Ibom State

Senator Akpabio expressed gratitude to Obong Umana for the peace initiative and called for an end to hostilities between warring parties while urging Mr. Steven Ntukekpo to be recognized as the party’s legitimate state chairman in accordance with the APC national Secretariat’s authentication.

Akan Udofia
The minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Obong Umana Okon Umana

Chief Akpabio asserted that the crisis was like a storm in a teacup and urged members to avoid animosity and rancor, arguing that the crisis that engulfed the APC in the state was caused by impunity and a failure to respect political boundaries.

The incoming governor of Akwa Ibon State

In his remarks, the incoming governor of Akwa Ibon State, Obong Akan Udofia, who said he is a man of peace and a child of destiny, praised the tenacity of party supporters who have remained devoted to the cause and thanked them for their support.
“I came here peacefully to work with you. Let’s collaborate to prepare for the upcoming general election. Let’s put to rest any court cases that have hindered the party. The main causes of our problems and annoyances are that the majority of the state’s people are mired in poverty, hunger, and lack. I’ll venture to say that if we work together to win the election, we’ll end hunger and poverty in our state.

A former member of the House of Representatives who was speaking on behalf of the Women was Rt. Hon. Iquo Inyang praised the Hon. and echoed the excitement of the women at the stakeholder’s meeting. for calling the meeting, Minister. To end the ongoing party conflict, she urged stakeholders to have an open, sincere discussion.

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In a similar vein, Senator Nelson Effiong thanked Obong Umana for calling the meeting and, in his capacity as the chairman of the planning committee, provided an update on the events leading up to the Presidential Campaign Rally. He stated that there will be four additional subcommittees that will be made up of representatives from all parties in order to provide efficient service. The decision that a committee jointly chaired by the Hon. Minister and Senator Akpabio should be appointed to examine and offer solutions to the problems affecting the party’s leadership and harmonize all organizational structures to reflect the realities of the time.
The party’s national and zonal officers, as well as engineers, are members of the committee. Chris Akpan and Dr. Ita Udosen are joined by two representatives from each of the three senatorial districts.

The first meeting of the Committee was to be attended by each candidate for governor as well as the two competing state chairmen.
The committee’s mandate includes the following tasks: to formally establish the committee’s composition and obtain unanimous approval of it; to examine, determine, and recommend appropriate actions in the situation that will re-route the party’s current trajectory and bring about the much-desired peace and tranquility. Senator Godswill Akpabio, Group Captain Obong Umana Okon Umana, and other prominent party figures and stakeholders were present at the meeting. Barr, Senator Nelson Efiong, Otuekong Sunny Jackson, Sam Ewang (Ret. Bassey Dan-Abia (KJW), Dr. Amadu Attai, Rt. Hon. Uwem Udoma, Obong Ekperikpe Ekpo, DIG Ekpo Udom, and Rt. Hon. the Rev. Emmanuel Ekpenyong, Mr. Emmanuel Ukoette, Honorable. Akanimo Edet, honorable. The engineers Edwin Joseph, Dr. Ita Udosen (SS, Zonal Secretary), and Mr. Chris Akpan, deputy secretary for national welfare.
Rt. Hon. Obong Inyangette, Iquo Inyang, and Hon. Mabel Udonkwo, Mrs.dot Comfort Umana Ekaete Isong, Mrs.dot Rosemary Harry, and Barr. Dr. Emem Wills, Engineer, Imo Imo. Ekon, Steve Ntokekpo, Austin Ekanem, and Prof. A few others include Etok Ekanem and Dr. Emmanuel Akpanobong.


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