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There are basic things a man will do for the lady he truly loves, women care for in very different ways than men do.

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A man is not playing around if he is willing to publicly declare his love for a woman. For a man to exhibit and communicate exactly what he is feeling on such a wide scale he must possess an exceptional level of vulnerability.

He listens.

You’re not altogether mistaken if you’ve ever thought that men occasionally act like infants. Most men tend to focus solely on their areas of passion.

If they genuinely care about you, they will find your voice to be music to their ears.

All you need to do is say something important, and they will be hooked.

The man who truly cares for you will hear you and pay attention to what you have to say.

You’ll see that he respects your opinions and acts on your advice.

He challenges you.

That is accurate, yes.

Fights may not always indicate that a relationship is in trouble.

He will take the time to argue, talk, and resolve conflicts in your relationship if he actually cares about you and your relationship.

He wants to make things work, as seen by the occasional conversations.

You want to achieve a compromise where both of you are content.

 He gives up things to ensure your happiness.

One of the most obvious indications that a man loves a woman is this.

He is demonstrating his love and respect for you and his willingness to always put you first if he switches his plans from something he would want to do to something he knows would make you happy.

He battles for your love.

A man in love would try to preserve your love even if that means taking blows as they come. In order to be with you, he will endure the coldest winters and the wettest spring showers.

A man in love expresses his gratitude for having you in his life by saying that losing you would be his worst nightmare.

He’s pleased with your accomplishments

Everything a man does for a woman while they are in love feels like his own accomplishments.

It nearly reminds me of the pride a mother experiences when their child accomplishes a good deed or learns something new.

When a man is in love, he wins with the woman he loves rather than competing with her.

Even on your worst days, he believes you to be lovely.

One of my employees got a cold sore on her upper lip a few weeks ago.

She did not want her boyfriend to see her in that way, so she did not feel secure enough to see him that day.

But after polling everyone in the company, it was decided that if she met him with the sore and he did not care, it would be an indication that he was truly interested in her and not simply her appearance.

No matter what, a lady always appears gorgeous to a man who truly loves her.

He cares about your friends and family because you do, number 7.

A man in love knows that the people he loves are significant to him and that if they are content, he will be as well.

You can tell him in-depth tales about your friends’ lives, and if he loves you, he will listen to you attentively.

He will acknowledge their significance in your life and, out of genuine concern, propose answers to their difficulties.

 He doesn’t mind showing vulnerability.

Men never like to appear weak, but if a man truly cares about you, he will not hesitate to express his fear of losing you.

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In a woman, what do men actually want?

Many insignificant or less noticeable aspects of a woman’s personality will make a guy smile, not only on his face but also in his heart, as he begins to fall in love with her.

What qualities do you possess that the man in your life probably finds attractive but may not have informed you about?

  1. He adores the smile that appears when he thinks about you.

It makes no difference if he is bored or just stressed out from work or stuck in traffic.

If a man is fortunate, he will meet a lady who can make him happy even if they don’t live in the same zip code.

He will light up like fireworks on July 4th just thinking about her or hearing her name.

What is there to dislike about that?
2. He enjoys seeing you grin.

Have you ever observed a guy who seems to gain energy while he is being humorous?

He was certainly making an effort, despite having a sorta-semi-funny sense of humor.

A man enjoys witnessing the woman in his life grinning, laughing, and enjoying herself.

And even more, he enjoys being the cause of that smile even if it only just spending time with her and cracking silly jokes for her to enjoy.

  1. He enjoys being in close proximity to you.

A man enjoys being near to the lady in his life, whether you two are cuddling up on the couch or waiting for a cab together.

It’s a fantastic way to feel emotionally and physically attracted to, at ease with, and in good company with someone.

But why do men find women attractive? 

It’s difficult to match the sensation of having the woman you care about lie on your chest or rest her head on your shoulder, I suppose.

It’s just the science between men and women; don’t ask me why.

  1. He enjoys having his hair played with when he is driving.

All I can say is that it’s the best thing ever; I wish I could provide you with a more thorough scientific justification.

  1. He adores the smile you give him after a kiss.

Do you remember the feeling of euphoria you get when you kiss the right person?

Endorphins and emotions that seem to take control of you?

When you kiss them, do you sense that spark?

Sometimes, the only appropriate response to that emotion is to simply grin.

Men are drawn to smiles, and they enjoy seeing them in women.

In actuality, it is the quality that attracts men to women the most.

  1. He delights in seeing your eyes on him.

Like everyone else, men yearn for the sensation of being wanted.

We feel that we have to constantly prove ourselves to women in order to win their attention, a first date, a second date, etc. when we’re the chaser in a relationship.

You see what I mean.

There is no better feeling in the world than being with a lady who we believe genuinely wants to be with us, who shows us the same affection and effort we do for her, and who we sense might just fall in love with us.

  1. He adores it when you do that quirky little thing that you most likely aren’t even aware of.

When you laugh, you might wrinkle your nose, and when you’re (a little) angry, you might lightly tap him on the shoulder.

Men find your humorous qualities to be attractive.

Perhaps you fiddle with your hair a little bit when you’re anxious.

He notices whatever you do, even if you just do it naturally, and that is what he appreciates most about a woman’s body beyond its outward appearance.

That’s one of the numerous small details that set you apart from every other woman he’s ever met, and he notices it because he loves it.

  1. He adores how effortless everything is with you.

To portray the sense that things should come effortlessly, I was going to title this “He loves how he doesn’t have to try,” but obviously, every man (and woman) has to put in the regular effort and attempt to make a relationship work.

Having said that, sometimes things just happen that you weren’t expecting to feel, and two people can just be entirely at ease with each other and their connection will feel natural.

They’ll be happy, but not in a dull or complacent sense.

A guy loves a woman profoundly when he is content, in a way that makes you sigh a contented, deep sigh and gaze into each other’s eyes while thinking, “So, this is how it’s supposed to be.”

  1. He enjoys seeking your opinions.

When someone is truly respected for who they are and what they believe, their opinions are given more weight than those of other people.

You wish to ask for their opinion.

You’re interested in their opinions regarding your most recent puzzle.  You want to hear their opinions and viewpoints.

Take it as a positive indicator if the man in your life not only asks for your input but also takes it seriously and considers it while making decisions.

  1. He enjoys physical contact with you.

I don’t just mean in bed, though (although, no guy will complain about the woman in his life initiating things there).

I’m talking about the tiny things you do to make him feel loved.

Men adore impromptu affections such as embraces, cheek kisses, hands on knees while you’re sitting next to them, and arm wraps while you’re moving.

Men find sexual allure in these activities that, dare I say it, are more intimate than sleeping together.

The tiny physical gestures are something you only do with someone you really care about, but any two individuals who are attracted to each other can hop into bed.

They serve as a physical link between you two fusing your energies to form the word “us” out of “you and me.”

  1. He delights in catching your eyes.

It can feel awkward to look someone else in the eyes.

It’s difficult to know where to look which eye to focus on, or whether the nasal bridge should be your only point of focus.

Not with you, though.

Any uneasiness vanishes and is replaced by eagerness when he stares into your eyes.

Hope has taken its place.

It is replaced by love, a love that can only develop between two individuals who allow one another to reach through to hug them

There will never be a list long enough to describe all the qualities he likes about a woman when she is right for him, and by that I mean when she is truly right for him.

There will never be a phrase that can adequately express how he feels.

He will never be able to express to her how much he loves her.

When she asks him, “What’s that look for?” all he will be able to do is grin shake his head, and reply, “Oh, nothing.” Because occasionally that’s all he has. But trust me when I say that it’s just his way of letting you know that nothing but love will ever be able to replace the lack of words.







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