. Glory Edet
Dr. Glory Edet

A Communique issued by the Coalition of Ikono Youth Leaders on the zoning arrangement for the House of Representatives Position in Ikono/Ini Federal Constituency.

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We the youth leaders from Ikono Local Government Area, having read the Press Release on the objective zoning arrangements in Akwa Ibom State from our party -The Peoples Democratic Party and the unfortunate counter release from an aggrieved aspirant who happens to be a member representing Ikono/INI Federal Constituency, Mr Emmanuel Ukpong-udo, and with full knowledge of the implications that such ungrateful and ill-conceived write up could mean for the Ikono people who have over time supported the PDP and the succession plan of the Governor, His Excellency, Deacon Udom Gabriel Emmanuel wish to state as follows:

That our faith in the Peoples Democratic Party is further strengthened by the zoning arrangement in respect of the Ikono/Ini Federal Constituency. Being aware that zoning dates back to the formation of the PDP in Nigeria, the stance of the PDP with regard to the aforementioned is only an affirmation of what has already been enshrined as a means of ensuring fairness and equity.

As much as we will love to avoid mixing issues, it is incumbent on us as subscribers of democracy to clear the air on factors that may be inimical to our growth as a people. This is more germane considering our passionate fervour to ensure that our great party maintains its status as the greatest party in Nigeria.

As it is our wont as proactive members of PDP, the stakeholders of Ikono/INI Federal Constituency gathered in a town hall meeting with the leaders of the PDP in the state to put to rest the avoidable furore rising from the aspirations of Mr. Emmanuel Ukpong-udo. On the said day, he arrived at the event but hastily left the venue before the arrival of the State party at Ikono Council hall. This will only beg the question: if your hands are pristine, why evade the hall of equity?

It is on record that Mr Emmanuel Ukpong-udo premised his electioneering campaign on the promise to represent the federal constituency on a single term of four years. Records do not lie nor can they be influenced inordinately. Unfortunately, the desperation alluded to in his press release can only be situated within the gamut of his current actions, most especially when these actions appear carefully planned to deprive the good people of INI of their inalienable rights. It is heartbreaking that he took an oath to represent all of us.

Unfortunately, Mr Emmanuel Ukpong-udo has through his actions, either through his campaign organization, or other proxies shown mercurial tendencies when issues regarding his party are concerned. This is evident in his reference to the constitution of our great party as toothless and of no effect. It is an act of desperation when a platform which shot you to relevance is vilified just because the tenets of democracy are being adhered to. What then is desperation but the attempt to overturn a party alignment which has been in existence for over two decades? It is desperation taken to another level when a beneficiary of an arrangement will resort to disintegrating the party, on whose back he rode to victory and who has ensured his stability within the country’s political terrain.

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Dubiety and desperation seem to be locked in unholy wedlock as Mr Emmanuel Ukpong-udo has summarily dismissed our party’s zoning arrangement as non-existing. If any arrangement reeks of dubious colouration, it is the dirty scheming and alleged inducement of the present crop of delegates. We have never had any DUBIOUS INVENTION in our Federal Constituency. If we had this in existence, it is expedient that Hon Ukpong-Udo explains how in 2018, delegates voted him into power. We will also like the public to be furnished with a record of the promises he made to them as a sequel to his election. Was it a deliberate plan to put the delegates in a state of permanent servitude? Or must we all work in tandem with the plan of one man to stoke the flames of acrimony just to retain a seat that will enable him to start preparations for Governorship after the Uyo Senatorial District has finished her turn?

The allusion to imposing an unpopular candidate is ludicrous in all ramifications. What sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Unfortunately, Mr Emmanuel Ukpong-udo has worked tirelessly to play a game on our collective sensibilities. These antics have been clearly adumbrated in another recent publication blackmailing the National Coordinator of the Maintain Peace Movement, Barr. Emmanuel Enoidem, the Commissioner for Youth and Sports, Hon. Monday Uko and the PDP State Chairman, Hon. Aniekan Akpan. We wish to dissociate ourselves from these actions.  We also want to humbly pray that this must come to an end before it becomes a norm in the PDP.

As earlier stated, we will resist the urge to join issues knowing that it will be detrimental to our progress as a people, and as a party. However, we will not keep quiet in the face of obvious disrespect to the Governor who we owe our loyalty as the leader of the party in the state. In line with this, we frown at the allegation of an orchestrated contrivance to scheme out ‘the choice of our people”. Furthermore, we disagree with the reference to the stance of the party as rife, unjustified and misleading and validates the rumours of imposition on Ikono/Ini people. The affront on the leadership of the party is of great concern to us given that the press release was issued as a result of due consultations with various stakeholders in the party. By treating this hard work with levity, Mr Emmanuel Ukpong-udo has shown the level to which he places a party that shot him into the limelight. This is an insult taken too far.

We therefore unanimously pass a vote of confidence on the leader of our party, His Excellency, Deacon Udom Gabriel Emmanuel who magnanimously accepted the recommendation which led to the emergence of Mr Emmanuel Ukpong-udo as the House of Representatives member in 2019. We clearly state that this is not the case of one bad fruit spoiling the bunch. We feel sad on the account of ingratitude meted out to him from an ungrateful son of Ikono who today claims a monopoly of the party as evidenced in his rejoinder on the party’s release.

We also unanimously passed a vote of confidence on the party Chairman, Hon. Aniekan Akpan whom Mr Emmanuel Ukpong-udo is bent on smearing with all manner of blackmails and false publications

Arising from the above, and after considering the blatant disrespect to the leadership of the party, we request that Mr Emmanuel Ukpong-udo tenders within 48 hours an unreserved apology to our leader, Governor Udom Emmanuel.

We also request that he tenders an unreserved apology to the Chairman of the PDP in Akwa Ibom State, Hon. Aniekan Akpan and by extension the Peoples Democratic Party in Akwa Ibom State.

As a huge beneficiary of the party’s policies, we expect Mr Ukpong-udo to be remorseful regarding his inciting and baleful utterances. However, if he toes the path of incorrigibility, we request that the PDP disciplinary committee invites him to clear the air and also that appropriate disciplinary measures be invoked to serve as a deterrent to others on matters of party loyalty.

We are;

Comr. Ubong Otung- President

Engr Nsisong Ubong Ntuk- Secretary

Otuekong Mfon Otuk- PRO


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