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Sexual immorality is increasing worldwide but there are things you need to do to be spiritually alert over sex. Adultery quickly becomes the norm and men of God also join the club. Married men and women are not overlooked, many have secret lovers, and sentimental affairs become the order of the day.

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The rate at which immorality is increasing is alarming! It quickly spreads to every nook and cranny and even children are introduced to the club. It is not news that children as young as 8 to 10 years old are now having sex with each other. These days it is becoming a formidable task to stay sexually clean.

One of the reasons people get involved in illicit sex is because of trust. The mistaken belief that you can be free with the opposite sex and that nothing would happen is a big lie from the pit of hell designed to mislead people. – Many things will happen!

One of the ways you can stay sexually pure in these end times, whether you’re married or single, is to set strict boundaries. If you are too negligent with the opposite sex, you will fall face down! This is the truth. The sooner you believe and work with it, the better. You can’t be negligent of the opposite sex and hope to stay sexually pure, set boundaries!

There are people who can’t be your friends, it’s okay to raise the bar. Anybody can scold you, this is their headache, you have to protect your destiny.

As a rule, I don’t make friends with liars, gossip, and jealous people. They make life so complicated. If you believe in illicit sex, we can’t be friends, period!

Keep an eye on your chats. Don’t let anyone send you provocative messages, however innocent it may seem, warn them, and if they refuse to stop them, block them!

Limit hugs and touches, especially with the opposite sex. If your embraced anointing is just for me, I don’t want any of that.

Don’t let anyone call you nicknames (except maybe your close relatives and close friends of the same sex), a friend recently made me realize that it doesn’t make sense. Pet names turn on the opposite sex, if you don’t know, know now. Be sensitive to attractions. Don’t be naive about the opposite sex, know when a man/woman is sexually attracted to you and walk away from that person. If they focus too much on your physique and your body, they are sexually attracted to you, back off.

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Recognize when you’re sexually attracted to someone and back off. It’s perfectly normal to have chemistry with someone. Marrying the greatest man on earth or the most beautiful and virtuous woman in the universe will not automatically prevent you from being attracted to someone else. Know when the thought of another man/woman turns you on and comes back.

Don’t jump into new relationships. Give it time. Study the person, find out what he stands for, and see if your core values are compatible, if not, go back!

Leadership attracts all kinds of people. If you are a leader or you are gifted, talented, or intelligent, the opposite sex will show more interest in you, be careful who you allow to approach.

Accept gifts with care. Men don’t mess with their time and money. If he spends so much time and money on you, especially if you don’t ask for it, maybe one day he will ask for sex. Stop begging money from women/men. Work with both hands and raise the easel. Wo / Men will respect and honor you for it.

Work on your wedding. Solve the problem as soon as possible, otherwise, you will be attracted to someone who gives you what you lack in your marriage, and the result is adultery.

Pray, be vigilant. Jesus says, “Be careful and pray not to fall into temptation …” Matthew 26:41.

Don’t be with the opposite sex in a dark or lonely room.

Do not invite the opposite sex on a bed in a lonely room.

Avoid provocative clothes and images. Let your partner or parents advise you on what’s right for you. Pay attention to the photos you post on social media, if it gets undue attention from the opposite sex, delete them.

Do not visit the opposite sex alone, especially at night. It does not make sense.

These and more are the things you need to do to stay sexually clean this year.

People can laugh at you, it doesn’t matter. They may call you neurotic, psychotic, bigoted, hypersensitive, or paranoid, don’t let that bother you.

Your destiny is too precious to be wasted on the altar of sin. Avoid friends who scoff at holiness and make friends with people who value purity and holiness.

Finally, avoid second glances as much as possible. I totally agree with  Job in his determination never to look lustfully at a woman. “I made a deal with my eyes; then why should I think of a servant?” Job 31: 1 (RSV), you can avoid the second look.
Set your limits and never allow anyone to compromise your holiness.



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