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Kwara State is currently located in North Central Nigeria and is bordered by Benin to the west, Niger to the north, Kogi to the east, and Ekiti, Osun, and Oyo to the south. When the Federal Military Government partitioned Nigeria into 12 new states in 1967, Kwara State was initially established. One of the least populated states in the nation is Kwara.

Muslims who engage in agriculture make up the majority of its residents, the majority being Yoruba, Nupe, Busa, and Baatonun people. In Nigeria, there are 774 local government areas. Kwara State, whose capital is Ilorin, has sixteen of those local government areas.

From the calmness and friendly atmosphere to its inhabitants, Ilorin is one of the safest cities in Nigeria. The best way to guarantee security without fail. Despite some dust being stirred up by the current political climate, the city is still largely calm and peaceful. The city of Ilorin is pleasant and rapidly expanding.

Ilorin is a center for industry, commerce, and education as a modern city. It is a significant market for locally produced crops like yams and cassava, corn (maize), sorghum, millet, rice, peppers, peanuts (groundnuts), shea nuts, Kola nuts, cotton, as well as livestock like cows and chickens, as well as hides. Local handicrafts include weaving mats and baskets, making pottery, carving wood, working with leather, and working with cloth.

Sugar refinement, food preparation, soft drink bottling, match and soap production, and iron working are currently included in the expanding industrial sector. Numerous banks and insurance firms offer services to the city as well as the entire state.

Kwara State can be pleased to point to its federal and state universities. The University of Ilorin and Kwara State Polytechnic are located in the city of Ilorin.

A research farm is run by the nearby Federal Agricultural and Rural Management Training Institute. Ilorin also has a vocational trade school and a teacher training college. Numerous public, private, and religious hospitals as well as an elderly nursing home are included in the health care system.

The Kwara State University is situated in Malete, 29 kilometers from the state capital Ilorin. The state government established the state university to give the underprivileged easier access to postsecondary education and an advantage in the admissions process.

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A recent controversy surrounding the wearing of the hijab in some schools in the capital put to the test the relationship between Muslims and Christians. The state government hastily ordered the immediate closure of the ten grant-aided schools in question.

The controversy led to a conflict in the city between the Muslim and Christian populations. The peace-loving governor established a committee under the leadership of the deputy governor, Mr. KayodeAlabi, in order to restore sanity and to resolve the differences.

In order to prevent further rifts between the two communities, the committee pleaded for restraint and urged parents and religious authorities to refrain from any statements or actions. The committee further exhorts all leaders to respect one another’s differences, live their lives, love one another, and work together to bring up a generation of kids who will view one another as brothers and fellow citizens.

The capital city of Ilorin has a fairly well-developed intra-city public transportation system, and the main roads are in excellent condition and have been properly tarred. The traditional taxi system is one of the city’s three means of transportation.

Commercial motorcycles are referred to as “Okada” all too frequently, and tricycles, also known as “Keke NAPEP,” are a more recent addition. In Ilorin, transportation is quite cheap, with trips between locations costing as little as fifty naira.

Despite the country’s general economic downturn having an impact on each person’s individual way of life, city dwellers’ lives and livelihoods are generally peaceful.

In other words, Ilorin is not exempt from the cost of obtaining basic goods and services. However, compared to other states, the people in this one have managed to maintain a peaceful, amicable way of life free from violence, hatred, and rancor.


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