Often, the wish of every man and woman is that he or she should live long till old age. Old age comes with many challenges.

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Most people at old age, likely becomes vulnerable, frail, weak, and can hardly exhibit strength, courage and vitality in performing of daily activities.

No wonder, then certain employers place age limits on workers and get them retired after their most active years.

However, the aged still play important role for the survival of the society.

The saying, “the words of our elders are words of wisdom” aptly describes the aged ones as reservoir of knowledge, counseling and wisdom for humanity and societal growth.

Apparently, they serve as the bridge between humanity past, present and future.

Infact, history is easily lost where elders do not abound.

It is therefore pertinent to give meaning to lives of our old men and women in the society with the needed care.

Most communities and governments across the world have devised ways of caring for the aged by putting in place socio-economic and health schemes.

This gesture goes a long way to cushion effects of hardship faced by the aged in the society as well as give them hope.

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Most children who still have aged parents around also do their best in providing care for them. They hire caregivers, pay them upkeep allowances and create conducive environment for their survival.

The church also cater for its elderly members who no longer have the ability for regular attendance at services.

Some of the religious organizations serve their aged members the Holy Communion at home, visit them with gifts and prayers regularly as well as send youths to clean up their environment.

It is, however, worrisome that instead of these assistance to the aged continuing or replicated by most other persons or bodies, some aged persons are rather discarded and some instances termed witches.

“The child is the father of the man” is a popular saying that clearly aligns with the present need that the age men and women should never lack the care and attention deserve.

After all, in their most active years, the aged had contributed their hard earned resources, intellect and all to the building of persons and societies.

They trained and catered for their own children to become the men and women they are today.

Well-to-do children who have branded their aged parents witches and abandoned them to fate should have a rethink.

It is reciprocated, therefore to reward the aged with good attention.

The state legislature should pass law especially for the protection of aged against abandonment, discrimination and injustice.

The religious organizations should do more by preaching messages of reconciliation, love and care for one another instead of promoting hatred between children and their parents.

Overall, the culture of giving respect to the elderly in the society, which is nearly going extinct, should be urgently revived in the interest of a better society.








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