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United Kingdom’s Senior Conservatives have called on Boris Johnson to resign after he admitted to attending a drinks party during the lockdown.

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The prime minister apologized for his handling of the May 2020 event in the Downing Street garden, saying he understood the public’s “rage.”

Cabinet members, including Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab, came out in support of Mr. Johnson.

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross, as well as MPs William Wragg, Caroline Nokes, and Roger urged him to resign.

Mr. Ross, a Scottish Parliament member, said he had a “difficult conversation” with Mr. Johnson after he apologized in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

He announced that he would write to the 1922 Committee, which organizes Conservative leadership elections, to express his displeasure with the prime minister.

Ministers are back in action.

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The decision of the Prime Minister to postpone the inquiry

“He is the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister.

His government imposed these rules, and he must be held accountable for his actions “According to Mr. Ross.

Commons leader Jacob Rees-Mogg dismissed supporters of Mr. Johnson as “always unhappy,” and Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross as a “quite lightweight figure.”

Conservative MP Andrew Percy slammed Mr. Rees Mogg, saying, “As someone who appears to love the Union, his personal attack on Douglas… is a gift to the SNP’s petty nationalists who want to break this country up.”

In order for a leadership challenge to be launched, a minimum of 54 Conservative MPs must write to the committee.

The drinks gathering held on 20 May 2020 and described as “socially distanced” in the invitation, drew about 30 people, who were invited to bring their own alcohol.

Trestle tables were reportedly used to serve food such as sausage rolls and crisps.

During Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, Mr. Johnson admitted that he had joined colleagues at the event for approximately 25 minutes to “thank groups of staff” for their hard work during the pandemic, but had “implicitly believed that this was a work event.”

He went on to say: “In retrospect, I should have asked everyone to return inside.

I should have found another way to thank them, and I should have recognized that even if it was technically correct, millions and millions of people would simply not see it that way.”



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