Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron lost control of the French National Assembly less than two months after being re-elected president due to a strong showing by a left alliance and the extreme right.

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He had urged voters to turn out in forceful majorities.

But in an election that splintered French politics, his centrist coalition lost dozens of seats.

Elisabeth Borne, the prime minister he had just chosen, characterized the circumstance as unprecedented.

After a lengthy discussion at the presidential Élysée Palace, she left to proclaim that modern France had never witnessed a National Assembly like this one as a storm descended upon Paris.

Given the challenges we are currently experiencing both nationally and internationally, this position poses a risk to our nation, she said.

“We will start working tomorrow to create a majority that works.”

Given that the two other largest groupings in the Assembly have little interest in working together, that seems like a stretch.

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Bruno Le Maire, France’s economy minister, insisted that the country could be governed, but he added that it would need a lot of creativity.

The leader of the far left, Jean Luc Mélenchon, was jubilant over his success in forming Nupes, an alliance of left-leaning mainstream parties, Communists, and Greens.

He reminded his supporters that now that the presidential party had been thoroughly defeated, everything was in their hands.

Although polls suggested they may have performed even better, his alliance now overtakes other opposition groups as the largest force in France.





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