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In connection with a 2019 incident involving a hotel security guard in Florida, Sir Rod Stewart and his son have admitted to battery.

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In response to being turned away from a private New Year’s Eve event, the singer and his son Sean reportedly faced assault charges.

The report claims that Sir Rod, 76, punched Sean, 41, in the chest “with a closed fist” after the security guard was shoved by Sean. “.

They both entered guilty pleas to the misdemeanor charge of “simple battery.”. “.
They won’t appear in court, won’t go to jail, won’t pay a fine, and won’t be put on probation, according to Guy Fronstin, Sir Rod’s attorney.

The judge held off on making a decision, so they were not formally found guilty.
A jury found Sir Rod Stewart not guilty of the charge, and no one was injured in the incident, Mr. Fronstin said.

At the opulent Breakers Palm Beach Hotel, a fight broke out with the security guard, Jessie Dixon.

Mr. After the rock star’s son and Dixon came “nose to nose,” Dixon claimed to have asked Sean Stewart to back off, according to the police.

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According to court records, Sir Rod punched the security guard in the left ribcage before Sir Stewart shoved Mr. Dixon.

According to the court file, Sir Rod told police that Mr. Dixon argued with his family after denying them access, which made them “agitated.”.

The arresting officer’s report states that Sir Rod expressed regret for his part in the incident.


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