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You can apply for a Turkey visa online, and if you have proof of airline ticket, passport or ETIAS approval, there is no need to go to embassy.

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The process is not that complicated, as long as you follow the steps carefully. And don’t forget to have a decent amount of money, especially if you plan to purchase all your needs in Turkey.

What are the requirements for applying for a visa to Turkey?

Turkey Tourist Visa Application Requirements
• Have a passport valid for at least six months upon entry with a blank visa page.
• Have sufficient funds.
• Retain proof of outbound / outbound flights.
• Keep proof of your hotel reservation.
• Prepare all necessary documents for the next destination.

What are the visa requirements for Turkey in Nigeria?

INDUSTRIAL FAIR. Fully completed and signed Turkish visa form. Valid passport and photocopy (The passport must be at least six months valid. …
EDUCATION / AIESEC. Fully completed and signed Turkish visa form. Valid passport and photocopy (The passport must be at least valid. …
MEDICAL. Fully completed and signed Turkish visa form.

How long does Turkey visa processing take?

With a regular application, the visa for Turkey is usually approved within three days and sent by email. Regardless of this, it is recommended to apply for the visa a few weeks before departure. This way, you won’t have any bad surprises from the start of your trip.
How much should a Turkish visa cost?
Standard processing: With this option, you will receive your Turkey e-Visa within 24 hours. It costs $77.99. Rush Processing: Choose this option if you are in a bit of a rush to get your e-Visa to enter Turkey within 4 hours. It costs 141.49 USD.

How easy is it to get a visa to Turkey?

The visa for Turkey is a short-term visa valid for a period of 30 days and is issued to Indians traveling for tourism or business. This visa is very easy to obtain as the procedure is online, as long as you have all the documentation.
Can I apply for a Turkey visa online?
You can apply online and get your Turkey e-Visa in just a few clicks. To proceed with the request it is necessary to have a valid email address and travel documents. Then you need to fill in the online visa application form according to your travel documents and then print the completed form.

Can I get a visa for Turkey on the same day?

Turkey tourist visa processing time
How long does it take to get a Turkey visa in Nigeria? A Turkish tourist visa takes around 8 business days and a business visa around 5 business days. Applicants will be notified when the visa has been processed and approved.
Does Turkey still grant Nigeria a visa?
Nigerian visa applicants for the Republic of Turkey were reportedly unable to access the e-visa provisions, but were instead asked to apply through a Turkish consulate.
Do I need a visa for Turkey 2022?
 Are you going on a vacation or business trip to Turkey in 2022 or 2023? All tourists and business travelers must apply for a visa to Turkey in advance, unless they are traveling with a European passport or a European identity card.
Only 3 minutes for the Turkey e-Visa and a minimum of 15 working days from the date of submission of the documents for the visa sticker.

Is the visa for Turkey refused?

If you need to travel to Turkey, you can apply for a Turkey e-Visa online, depending on your home country. Most visa applications are accepted. However, your visa application may be rejected for various reasons.
As a general rule, the competent authorities do not justify the refusal of the visa.
Turkish e-visa rejection: reasons for rejection and what to do
The Turkish government provides foreigners with different types of visas depending on the reason for travel and the country of origin.
The e-Visa is issued to people who travel to other countries and travel for tourism or business reasons. If you need to travel to Turkey, you can apply online for a Turkey e-Visa depending on your country of origin. Most visa applications are accepted. However, your visa application may be rejected for various reasons. As a general rule, the competent authorities do not justify the refusal of the visa. Visa refusal can ruin your travel or business plans.

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Why was my Turkish visa refused?
A visa can be refused for a number of reasons:
1. You may have a currently active (not expired) visa. In this case it is not necessary to request a new one.
2. The rejection may be based on speculation that you intend to get over your visit to the country. The relevant authorities may have a reason to assume this based on your travel history, your country of origin, or even your age. For example, someone who is really young and has no clear intention of visiting Turkey may appear to be someone who might decide to take a risk and extend their visit.
3. Your name may resemble a name that is already on the entry bans list for Turkey. This error isn’t entirely your fault, but it may take some time to fix.
4. The reason for your travel may not be approved by the e-Visa. With the e-Visa you can travel for tourism, business and transit. If you are traveling for other reasons, you may need to apply for a visa at the physical embassy or consulate of Turkey.
5. You may be from a country whose citizens are not eligible for an e-Visa from Turkey.
6. Failure to provide accurate information about your application, such as the reason for your visit to the country, the conditions of your stay and how you can support yourself financially. 7. If, due to your background, you are not allowed to return to your home country or to travel to a third country if it has a criminal record.
8. Providing incorrect information in your application or not providing all required documents for your application.
9. Your passport may not be valid until 150 days after you enter Turkey

What should I do if my Turkish e-Visa application is refused?

If the visa is refused, it is best to contact the Turkish embassy or consulate in your country. It can take weeks or even months to schedule an appointment with them for a new visa application or an extension. It is therefore advisable to apply for a visa in advance before planning any trip.
Another alternative is to apply for another visa online after correcting the errors of the previous application. You can apply for a new visa 24 hours after the visa is refused. If all the information is correct and there are no other reasons other than those indicated above, you can receive the visa in the three days following the application.
If you encounter a new refusal, you should go to the embassy or consulate to find out the reason for the refusal. Depending on the representative at the embassy, ​​your problem may be resolved quickly or it may take some time.
Make sure you have all the necessary documentation with you to go back and forth unnecessarily. People who are financially dependent on their partner must prove their marital status by means of a marriage certificate. If not, you may be asked to provide proof of current employment. If you are lucky, you may receive your visa on the same day, as long as all the necessary documentation is available.


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