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It is not difficult to obtain a visa to travel to Australia if you follow the instructions on how to apply for an Australian visa in Nigeria.

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How to get an Australian visa from Nigeria depend on the type of visa you wish to have. This simply means knowing the purpose of you going to Australia. Read below.

Note this, all visa applicants for Australia should be aware that they will not be dealing with the Australian Embassy in Nigeria to process their visa because all consular matters are handled by Teleperformance Ltd, an outsourced company with offices in Abuja and Lagos

Is it possible for me to migrate to Australia from Nigeria?

Nigerian immigration to Australia has increased at an annual rate of 11.88 percent. Nigerians are currently accepted in Australia for permanent residency in over 400 different occupations, as well as for working holiday visas, student visas, working visas, and other types of visas

How long does it take for a Nigerian to obtain an Australian visa?

Approximately to a Nigerian, it takes 4 weeks to obtain an Australian visa.

Why are Australian visas denied?

If the applicant is a net burden or a burden on the Australian medical system, the embassy may deny the visa application.

Applicants with HIV, cancer, major heart problems, and even mental illness may be denied a visa due to medical conditions.

How Long Does It Take For An Australian Visa To Be Processed?

If an applicant follows the correct Australian visa application process, the visa may take up to four weeks to process.

Is there a minimum age for emigrating to Australia?

The age limit for permanent skill-based visas to Australia is typically 44. Many of your permanent visa options end once you turn 45. Permanent residence may be possible in a few very specific circumstances.

Is an interview required for an Australian visa?

Applicants who have been accepted to a course at an Australian university, educational institution, or TAFE must apply for an Australian student visa.

The applicant is granted a visa if the assessment is positive and satisfactory. In some cases, the evaluation takes the form of an interview.

Which is the best city to work in Australia?

The best Cities to Work in Australia are:

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Perth
  • Adelaide

Is it possible for me to migrate to Australia if my daughter lives there?

Citizens and permanent residents of Australia do not have an unrestricted right to bring any relative to live in the country.

Before they can come to Australia, even legally married spouses and dependent children must meet all of the requirements for migration.

How Much Does a Visa to Australia Cost?

The cost of having a visa in Nigeria to Australia is varied based on the type of visa, the number of people ( single or multiple), and the exchange rate at the moment.

Is it convenient to get an Australian visa?

Hopefully, you’ll agree that makes obtaining an ETA or an Australian visa simple (eVisitor). You won’t have to put in a lot of effort, and you won’t have to find many requirements. Both electronic documents have a 12-month validity period, allow multiple entries, and have a maximum stay of 90 days per entry.

 Types of visas you can process:

  1. Transit visa: This type of visa allows the holder to travel through Australia for up to 72 hours. It is primarily used by passengers who are flying somewhere else.
  2. Visitors visa: this is divided into categories:
    (a) Tourist visas, which are used for vacations and visits to friends and relatives.
    (b) Business visas, which are used for business trips. A business visa is required if the applicant is traveling for business.

(c) Visitor – to perform highly specialized work for a short period.

(d) Accepting invitations to participate in activities such as conferences, cultural events, and social gatherings.

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  1. Student visa: This visa is for students who are going to school full-time.
  2. Partner visa: This type of visa allows the holder to visit Australia to marry their future spouse.

How to apply for an Australian visa

The first step is to look over the various visa categories and choose the one that best suits your travel plans, then gathers the following documents and information:

  1. Download the visa application form and sign the printout after carefully filling it out.
  2. A valid international passport with unused visa pages and a minimum validity of six months.
  3. A passport-sized photograph with a white background, taken recently.
  4. A photocopy of your passport’s data page.
  5. Health travel insurance for your stay in Australia from a reputable Nigerian insurance company.
  6. Your bank account statement for the previous six months, duly endorsed by the bank.
  7. Proof of sufficient funds to cover your expenses during your stay in Australia.
  8. Yellow card, which is a Nigerian port health certificate.
  9. Proof of a hotel reservation or lodging arrangement.
  10. A copy of your airline reservation with your arrival and departure dates.
  11. Polio vaccination certificate. – All visa applicants who came from or spent at least 28 days in Cameroon, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Israel, Pakistan, Syria, or Somalia must submit a certificate of Polio vaccination with their visa application.
  12. A letter of leave and a letter of introduction from his employer for an employee on vacation.
  13. Applicants attending a conference, cultural event, social event, or sporting event should be able to:
  • Provide proof of registration.
  • Invitation letter to the event or conference.
  • The date and location of the event.
  • Proof of payment made to the event’s organizer.
  1. Requirements for applicants who are traveling for business.
  • A letter of invitation to Australia from a business partner or organization.
  • The certificate of incorporation for the business.
  • The company’s most recent six-month bank statement of account.
  • Your tax clearance certificate is in its original form.
  • Original papers must be submitted if you have had previous business dealings with the company.
  • If your partner is providing lodging, proof of this must be provided by the organization.
  1. An underage who is traveling alone or with a parent or guardian. The guardian must present:
  • The child’s birth certificate.
  • Permission letter by both parents.
  • A photocopy of each parent’s identification card or the data page of their passport.
  • The child’s visa application form must be signed by the guardian.


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