Reasons why some women nag!

A stubborn and disrespectful wife is never satisfied with her husband and will undermine him at every opportunity and these make women nag

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She bickers all day and drains so much energy from the man that he loses his ability to make decisions and gives in. The stress of a stalking wife is a constant annoyance a man has to deal with.

What makes a woman nag

Husbands may complain and wives may blame them for harassing them. But women are more likely to complain, experts say, mostly because they have been conditioned to feel more responsible for managing family and family life. And they tend to be more sensitive to the first signs of problems in a relationship

Reasons why some women nag!

“To have their way”
Some women are bullying, they will complain to make a man do what they want. It’s all a tactic. The best way to deal with this woman is to agree on things when she is in a happy state, that way she won’t go against what both of you agreed and she will twist her arm. When you agree on things as a team, she gives you the man more strength to support you as agreed. Also, agree on how to handle arguments so that when she does something to the contrary, she appears to be wrong and the guilt instills some sanity in her.
2. “Hurt”
Some women easily turn to revenge and revenge. They are resentful and use nags as a weapon, they keep giving hell to man. The best way to deal with this woman is to sit down with her, tell her how much her words hurt, and ask her if she really forgave you. Sometimes all this woman needs is an apology, a time out, a compliment, or a little warmth to put her gun down.

  1. “Response to threats
    Some women whine as a form of defense, especially if they feel the man is a threat. They say annoying words to show him that he is up to the task. Men may be physically stronger, but women are verbally powerful. This woman is best treated by letting her know that she is on her side and that she refrains from being aggressive towards her.
  2. “Uncertainty”
    Ifa woman feels insecure, she will automatically complain ,question him suspiciously, whine questioningly, examine the man for signs he is wandering, complain that he is no longer spending time with her, ask to know more about who he is on the phone with, perhaps even snooping on his phone or messages. This woman is best treated by being transparent and spending more time with her, giving her more access to your privacy, giving her your phone and password if you really have nothing to hide, confirming that no one is taking her place, show your love for her in public through simple gestures such as holding her waist, kissing her, sitting comfortably next to her.

    5. “Impatient”
    Some women whine due to their impatient nature, exert excessive pressure on themselves, are easily confused and doubtful. This lady is best treated by making her realize that you love her, but she needs to work on her weakness, teach her to pray more, do breathing exercises with her, be patient with her when she becomes more patient.
    6. “Misplaced Fears”
    Some women live in fear, they worry too much and they are paranoid because they think something bad will always happen. She will keep calling his phone and asking if he is okay; She takes him as caring, but he feels like she treats him like a baby. Some fear that they have not closed the front door, the gas in the kitchen is still on, they will be attacked in the car. This woman is best treated by laughing with her at fear, playing with her, kissing her when she panics, praying with her, often taking her to a more relaxed environment.
    7. “Extreme expectations
    Some women complain that they mismanaged their expectations, treating their men like a machine that produces results instead of being understanding. They annoy the man when his plans fail, they call him a failure when his plans slow down, they make fun of him when he can’t buy something or satisfy a need, they rub his face as pathetic as it is. This woman needs a moment to freshen up, she needs to be involved in planning and executing those plans so she understands why sometimes even the best plans fail or fail, but not as quickly as desired

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  4. 8″Get attention”
  5. Some women are hungry for attention, complain to be noticed, speak loudly over and over to focus. This woman is treated to her best by giving her her attention, making her feel special. A sweet text, a quick phone call to say hello, casual dates where you only focus on her go a long way.
    9. “Unhealthy Competition”
    Others bully because they are in constant rivalry with their friends or siblings. They stalk the man they need to be like their peers, dress like their peers, live in the same mansions as their peers, and not be left behind by their peers. They complain too much when they feel they are late. This woman is best treated by allowing her to find herself, to find something that fulfils her. When people live their lives to the full, the need to compete disappears.
  6. 10 “hidden bitterness”
    Sometimes a woman complains because she has inner grudges,she despises the man and annoyance is just an expression of this. The best way to deal with this woman is to have a frank conversation, maybe there is something you do or have done as a man that still hurts her heart. Go back to when she started tormenting and find out what you did, a woman who loves you won’t despise you for no reason, you know why.

    11. “Voltage”
    Stress can make a woman a constant nuisance. Maybe life is too stressful and she dumps her frustrations on you, the person closest to her. This woman is cured by lending her a listening ear, her therapy being her and making her collapse and cry on your shoulders, give her an outlet, create a carefree moment for her – take her dancing, massage her, take her on vacation, calm her down

  7. 12 “Low self-esteem”
    Low self-esteemmakes professionals annoying. A woman who looks down on herself complains because she feels that the man will let go of her arm, she feels that she must always fight or play the victim’s card to gain sympathy. It’s best to deal with this woman by strengthening her, showing her how awesome she is. Sometimes love is the mirror we have to look at to see how wonderful we are.

 13. “Bad Parenting
Some women bully because they have poor communication skills, they grew up not knowing how to speak, how to monitor their words. This woman is best handled by understanding her and lovingly exposing her to a more mature and warm manner of conversation


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