Deadly words

When a woman says “What?”, it’s not because she didn’t hear you. It gives you the option to change what you said and here are deadly words from women that men should heed.
1 “Good” is Usually used in arguments when a woman says it means two things. …
2 “Whatever” This is the female version of F*** You!

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3 “Continue”.

4 I’m fine. …

5 That’s good. …

6 Five minutes remaining. …
7 Nothing. …
8 Thank you!
Why is it so hard to understand women? You often hear this from men with girlfriends or wives. Now that women are constantly changing their moods and like to use dictionary words with completely different meanings, which we men don’t usually do, it’s no surprise that men have a hard time understanding women.
Whether it’s a daily conversation or an argument, it seems that women like to say things differently with very different meanings and expect men to interpret them the same way they do. . I usually call them “deadly words” because when wives say that to their husbands and their husbands misinterpret me (which they most often do), it becomes truly deadly. • To prevent this from happening, we have compiled in this article the 10 deadliest words used by women that we men should always be aware of, as they define things differently than the standard words we are used to.
Usually used in arguments when a woman says it means two things. First of all, she’s right and you’re not. Second, this fight is over and you must shut up otherwise!
2 “Never mind”
This is the female version of F*** You!
 3) “Continue”
If she tells you to continue no matter what, please, please DO NOT continue! Don’t pass!
Because it is not his permission. It’s a challenge to tell you not to, otherwise!
 4) I’m fine
She is definitely wrong and you have to do something about it.

 5) Okay
Don’t confuse it with the point above, because it means that she is thinking about how she will make you pay for whatever you did or did her wrong.
So, before she can come up with anything, I recommend that you apologize immediately and reassure her.
6) Another five minutes
And you will probably wait half an hour for it to finish.
 7) Nothing
This is where the phrase “calm before a storm” fits in perfectly because when it tells you, something is definitely wrong. So you better think about what you did to get her to say it and quickly find a way to quickly defuse that situation before that raging, furious “storm” hits you in the face. • 8) Thank you very much!
Please don’t say “you’re welcome” as an answer because it’s pretty obvious that she’s being sarcastic about it. Unless you’re looking for a fight.

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9 Don’t worry, I understand
When she repeatedly tells you to do something but you haven’t done it until the last minute and when you finally start that task and you see her do the task on her own and she says “I get it. Don’t worry”, you better start worrying.
It is recommended that you take on the task immediately and perform it quickly.

10 “Other”
If she tells you to do something and the sentence ends in “or else” (John, you better do _________ or else!), you might want to heed what she says because if you don’t let me tell you this shit is gonna get real. It’s for you.
In any relationship, there are always situations where a man and a woman argue and the man says something wrong and the woman says something in a certain tone of voice and the man knows immediately that it is better to shut up, or things will escalate and most likely escalate into an argument. So, we’ve rounded up some possible phrases they might say to you, and if you hear it in that tone (no explanation needed), well, you better shut up.
Are you saying anything else?
You know things go wrong when she says that, especially in a sarcastic tone. In this case, it is better to be silent.
This is basically where the woman is trying to challenge you to say more, if she does it in that sarcastic tone, don’t digress. Either change the subject or keep quiet, the latter is more effective.
If the woman says it like, “I’m going to kill you,” don’t tell her. • 4) You say it, win Liao Lor
If the woman says that, it means she’s angry with you and your conversation, so it’s wise to keep quiet or change the subject. Don’t go ahead and say “Of course, I win it”. That’s usually okay, but if she says that specific tone, stop.
Do you have anything else?
No Then nothing. I am silent now.

6 Whatever
He’s starting to lose his temper, so yeah, you might want to do something about it, for example, stop all conversations and slowly withdraw.
7 How many times do you tell me?
When she says it, she doesn’t expect an answer. Shut up and hug her. Don’t say things like “Ten times already” or anything like that, because that, my friend, will lead to one thing

Shut up!
It’s obvious, isn’t it? Eh!
All in all, these phrases are fine if spoken normally, but if the woman uses these phrases in the tone of “you will get in trouble very soon”, it is wise to keep her mouth shut and hug or kiss her to calm her down and make sure you don’t get in trouble.


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