By Osondu Ahirika 

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The fear of the Maintain Peace Movement, MPM, is haunting some people. Insomnia cannot be ruled out as afflicting them.

Unable to contain or curtail the emotional impact and pervasive connection MPM have achieved with the masses, they resort to propaganda to distract the movement.

A piece of deliberately concocted tale titled,

MAJOR CRISIS IN UDOM/ UMO ENO CAMP…Over Duplication of Campaign Group”, making the rounds on some media platforms is the peak of desperation taken too far.

They purport a major crisis of confidence has broken out in the camps of Governor Udom Emmanuel and his preferred aspirant, Pastor Eno, over the recent duplication of the campaign structure.

They allege the National President of MPM, Barr Emmanuel Enoidem approaches Governor Emmanuel complaining about the recently inaugurated Ibom Consolidation Project (ICP).

They claim Enoidem is having a disagreement with the MPM Secretary, Prince Enobong Uwah,  blaming him for the formation of ICP.

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They insinuate that Governor Emmanuel is dissatisfied with the performance of MPM in marketing Umo Eno.

They suggest, albeit in mischief, that Governor Udom Emmanuel has spent over N17bn on MPM.

Even the monthly allocation of the State isn’t even up to that figure consistently.

One can only sympathise with their agony. Creating fiction is indeed a talent. Just that in this very context, it will not pay off as would-have in the film or entertainment industry.

The so-called conflict between Barr. Enoidem and Prince Enobong Uwah exist only in the sour imagination of those who manufactured the tale.

Do we also need to educate the purveyors of these thrash talks that MPM has a Directorate to register affiliated political support groups under Otueķong Raphael Bassey as Director and therefore not scared of any?

Are they aware that Mkpo ama Change,  Active Friends of Umo Eno, The Orange Group,  Team Umo Eno, Friends of Umo Eno, are among hundreds of other political and civil society groups that are working for the same goal?

For the humongous amount of money they asseverate has been frittered away on MPM marketing Pastor Umo Eno, I will go sarcastic.  The 17 billion is too ‘sumol’. The range of 100 billion would have been more believable.

Fact is, there is so much noise as opponents hallucinate over the consolidation game and domineering momentum garnered by MPM.

The emotional noise you hear from their flip-floppy tales trying to create bad press for MPM is fraudulently driven and the height of mischief

While they’re making noise, the MPM is groovy, breaking more grounds with focus and marketing the notions of Peace, Prosperity, and Wealth Creation as the canons of the campaign.





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