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A Forum of media professionals, Uyo Senatorial District Media Practitioners Forum has written to the inspector general of police over threat by militants to disrupt the prevailing peace in Akwa Ibom State.

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This came as a result of a letter from the militants to the state governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel for presenting Pastor Umo Eno as a Preferred Successor

The letter which was sent as an open letter said “Let us begin by commending you on your avowed determination to curb the menace of insecurity in Nigeria, particularly, as the country approaches the 2023 general elections. As adumbrated in your speech during the recently held police retreat in Uyo, we are not in doubt that your commitment to national security is unquestionable”.

The letter went on to say “On the 10th of February 2022, The Punch Newspaper and other newspapers in Nigeria carried a news story by some miscreants, masquerading as militants and operating with the pseudonym “Unyekisong Akwa Ibom”.

‘This group of obscurantists issued a threat message to the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Udom Emmanuel over his preferred successor, Pastor Umo Eno’.

Endorsed by the head, Publicity & Strategic Communication Pastor Michael Okon, the Forum noted that “First, these petty minds seem oblivious of the fundamental rights and the humanity of man to have preferences in life. Their pettiness is captured in bolder relief: by Xun Kuang, a Chinese Confucian Philosopher as follows: the petty man is eager to make boasts, yet desires that others should believe him. He enthusiastically engages in deception, yet wants others to have affection for him. He conducts himself like an animal, yet wants others to think well of him”.

“What the great philosopher connotes here is that there is an inextricable nexus between character and leadership. While the threat on the Governor over his preferred successor, Pastor Umo Eno, cannot be divorced from a certain Governorship aspirant who sees politics as a zero-sum game of always winning at the expense of societal peace and stability, it begs at this point to ask, should the peace of Akwa Ibom be sacrificed on the altar of selfish aggrandizement and accumulation instinct of some politicians? What makes the Governorship seat the exclusive right of any Federal Constituency in Uyo Senatorial District?”

“Secondly, It must be emphasized that the current zoning of the governorship seat in the state dates back to the inception of the Fourth Republic (May 29, 1999). In the case of Uyo Senatorial District, Uyo Federal Constituency was the first to take its turn from 1999- 2007. If the Governor in his wisdom, has seen someone capable of deepening his vision for the state from either of the two federal constituencies, it won’t be out  place for others to throw their weight behind one of them.”

“Thirdly, it can be recalled that ‘political and economic inclusion’ was an agendum in Governor Emmanuel’s 5- point Agenda, aimed at integrating every group and element into his administration. This was predicated on the indissoluble fact that the Governor sees the people as the locus of political  power- and is determined to empower them politically, socially, and economically.“

“The testimony of this is that Akwa Ibom is the most peaceful state in Nigeria. This is what we do not take for granted, by any stretch of the imagination.”

“Facts, according to DaShanne Stokes, an author, “are threatening to those invested in fraud”. Social Psychologists believe that our value orientation plays an important role in our future leadership endeavors. Having enthroned peace and egalitarianism in Akwa Ibom State, should Governor Udom Emmanuel hand over the peaceful state of Akwa Ibom to those who care less about the peace, unity, and coexistence of every group in the state? This question, in our considered opinion, is the reason Governor Udom Emmanuel is determined to deepen the peace and pace of development in the state by bequeathing the state a worthy successor in the person of Umo Bassey Eno.”

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“It must be noted that pastor Umo Bassey Eno, the preferred successor of Governor Udom Emmanuel is a man of impeccable character who has repeatedly said that he would not mortgage the peace of the state for anything. This reinforces the findings of Cross-cultural Conflict Management and Negotiation Researchers that there is a link between value orientation and conflict/ peace. Umo Eno, viewed from such prism, is best wired to succeed Governor  Udom Emmanuel.”

“Fourthly, according to Paulo Coelho, in his work, ‘The Devil and Miss Prym’, “there are two kinds of idiots- those who don’t take action because they have received a threat and those who think they are taking actions because they have issued a threat. Sir, we will not fold our hands and watch the peace the people are currently enjoying in the state being truncated by the selfishness of anyone, hence the action we are taking through the instrumentality of this letter.‘

“We in Uyo Senatorial District Media  Practitioners’  Forum call on you to speedily investigate the source of the threat issued to Governor Udom Emmanuel and mount a ‘cordon sanitaire’ (an iron ring) on the perpetrators of this callous misrepresentation and threat, to avoid any form of bloodbath in the state. The reason is that being republican in nature, the Akwa Ibom people would resist any form of mutiny against the peace they are currently enjoying. A case in point was the Aba/ Abak/ Opobo Women Riot of 1929, in which our women challenged the exploitative tax system of the colonial masters. A similar feat was repeated during the 2019 gubernatorial election in which tugs who were imported from neighboring states encountered their sad end, owing to resistance by the people.”

“In conclusion, Sir, if you look at the great civilizations, from the Roman to the Soviet Union, one will appreciate the fact that most did not fail simply due to external threats, but because of internal weakness, corruption, and failure to manifest the value and ideals they espoused.”

“On the contrary, the Government of Akwa Ibom State is founded on accountability, public integrity- and boldly manifests the ideals it espouses. What this means is that the people of Akwa Ibom will spare nothing in protecting the state and the Hilltop Mansion against the enemies of the state.”




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