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People in Zagreb Croatia’s capital, were abruptly awoken to the Ukraine crisis late last night when a military drone crashed in the city.

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An explosion occurred shortly after 23:00 in the Jarun neighborhood in the southwest (22:00 GMT).

Residents discovered a crater and wreckage near the student housing.

“It’s incredible that no one was wounded,” stated Zagreb Mayor Tomislav Tomasevic. According to Croatia’s president, there was no indication that the country was being targeted .

According to witnesses, the only person injured was a man who was riding his bicycle when the drone crashed to the ground.

Cyrillic writing and a five-pointed star were among the markings on the wreckage.

Local analysts believe the drone was a TU-141 reconnaissance aircraft from the Soviet era.

Despite its antiquity, the drone was used by the Ukrainian military in 2014 and again during the present conflict.

Its origin has been the subject of speculation in Croatian media.

Although Ukraine’s embassy in Zagreb declined to comment, an adviser to Ukraine’s defense ministry was mentioned on the Jutarnji List website as denying that it was their fault.

The episode, according to the mayor, was unique for Zagreb, which is about 570 kilometers (355 miles) from the Ukrainian border.

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The drone flew through Hungary, which shares borders with both Ukraine and Croatia, before crashing in Zagreb, according to Croatia’s government.

“We need to evaluate certain procedural concerns and discover how it is conceivable that this size of plane was not shot down on the route from Ukraine to Zagreb,” President Zoran Milanovic stated.

He was concerned that Croatia had gotten no notice of the approaching drone, despite the fact that it had flown for the better part of an hour across Hungary, a Nato member.

He was concerned that “an inexperienced aircraft” had eluded radar.

The drone may have been intended to fly to a region in Ukraine named Yarun, rather than the Jarun district of Zagreb, according to Croatia’s Index news website.

Croatia is now worried that if the worst happens and the violence spreads, it will be unprepaed.

Critics point out that no air raid sirens were heard in Zagreb, and that many Croatian shelter have become dilapidated.

Many people have vivid memories of domestic discord in the 1990s.

This drone incident is an uncomfortable reminder of the Balkan Wars, and it will undoubtedly shake Croatia’s officials out of their complacency.



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