Ukraine's ambassador

Ukraine’s ambassador to the United Kingdom retracted comments suggesting that Kyiv would reconsider joining NATO as Russia amasses a massive force within striking distance of its neighbor, but said other concessions could be offered.

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The Kremlin stated that if Ukraine abandons its desire to join the US-European military alliance, it would significantly alleviate Russia’s concerns and that President Vladimir Putin would meet with his foreign and defense ministers on Monday.

A day after Washington declared that Russia could now invade Ukraine on any pretext at any time, the Group of Seven major Western economies (G7) warned Russia of “massive” economic consequences if it did, and promised Ukraine immediate support.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz arrived in Kyiv for talks, which will be followed by a meeting with Putin in Moscow on Tuesday, but a German official said Berlin does not expect concrete results.

According to the news agency Interfax, a senior Russian military officer has stated that Russia is ready to open fire on foreign vessels that enter its waters illegally, though such a decision would have to be approved at the “highest level.”

Moscow has denied any intention of invading Ukraine and has accused the West of being hysterical, but it has made clear that it sees Kyiv’s pursuit of closer ties with the West, particularly over NATO, as a threat.

“Based on the very limited facts of this case and after considering the relevant legal issues, [the court] has determined that no provisional suspension should be imposed on the Athlete,” CAS wrote in a two-page decision.

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The court stated that denying Valieva the opportunity to compete would “cause her irreparable harm.”

According to the International Testing Agency, Valieva, 15, tested positive for a banned drug in December, just before the Russian Figure Skating Championships.

“The late notification is extremely unfortunate because it affects not only the athlete but also the organizers of the Olympic Winter Games,” CAS Director-General Matthieu Reeb said at a press conference in Beijing on Monday.

“In other words, if these anti-doping test procedures had been completed in one week or ten days, as is generally the case, for example, at the Olympic Games, we would not have this case, and I would not be here.”




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