Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Boris Johnson has stated that world leaders must resume their efforts to ensure that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine fails.

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“It will not be future historians, but the people of Ukraine who will be our judgment,” the prime minister wrote in the New York Times.

Mr Johnson outlined a six  point strategy, which included swiftly bolstering Nato members’ defenses.

Labour, on the other hand, chastised the PM for not acting more fast on sanctions.

“Putin must fail and be seen to fail in this act of aggression,” the prime minister said ahead of a series of meetings with world leaders.

It is not enough to declare our support for the international rules-based order; we must also defend it against a sustained attempt to rewrite the rules by armed force.”

The invasion was condemned by 141 countries in the United Nations General Assembly this week, while 39 countries, led by the United Kingdom, issued the largest ever referral to the International Criminal Court for war crimes.

According to Downing Street, Mr Johnson would urge on world leaders to make a “renewed and concerted effort” to halt Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The prime minister is also set to relay his message at talks with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte at Downing Street on Monday as part of his six-point plan to maintain pressure on Mr Putin.

He will meet with the leaders of the V4 group of central European countries on Tuesday. The V4 includes the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia. According to Downing Street, these countries are already facing a humanitarian crisis, with 1.4 million people leaving Ukraine to neighboring countries in less than ten days.

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“The entire world is watching,” Mr Johnson remarked.The extent and strength of Ukrainian resistance continue to surprise Russia, according to the Ministry of Defence’s daily assessment issued on Twitter.

Russia was most likely attempting to demoralize Ukrainians by striking many populated regions, including Kharkiv, Chernihiv, and Mariupol, according to the report.

It went on to state that the reported targeting of Russian supply lines was stymieing their ground forces’ progress, and that there was a “realistic probability” that Russia was disguising fuel trucks as routine support trucks.

Meanwhile, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has cautioned Russian President Vladimir Putin not to “test” the United Kingdom.

Mr Wallace told the Sunday Telegraph in an interview: “Authoritarian governments have a history of misunderstanding the West and the United Kingdom.

He obviously misjudged the international community.”

“I believe he will fail if we stand together and refuse to be intimidated,” he continued.



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