Uduak Akpan

An Uyo High Court has sentenced Uduak Akpan to death by hanging for killing Iniubong Umoren.

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In a four-hour judgment on Thursday morning, the trial Judge, Justice Bassey Nkanang found Uduak Frank Akpan guilty of the murder and rape of Iniubong Umoren, whom he invited for a fake job interview in his father’s residence in Uruan, April, last year.

Justice Nkanang also sentenced Uduak Frank Akpan to life imprisonment for rape.

The Court, however, discharged and acquitted the second accused person and father of Uduak Frank and his sister, Bassey Anwan, who was charged with accessory after the fact of murder.

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Justice Nkanang held that the prosecution has proved the charge of murder and rape against Uduak Frank Akpan beyond a reasonable doubt.

Reports say Uduak Akpan, attempted to escape from the Courtroom, if not for the superior stamina of prison officials.

Uduak Frank Akpan in the process of attempting to escape hit a lawyer, who gave evidence against him.

Before he was sentenced, the convict had told the Court that there were a series of crimes in the society of which government is aware and had not been investigated, hence he should be set free.

The conviction and sentence of Uduak Frank Akpan have laid to rest the nine months of the trial of the 21-year-old undergraduate, who had pleaded guilty to the murder of Iniubong Umoren.






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