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William Ruto's President

Around 60,000 people filled a stadium in Kenya’s capital to watch William Ruto’s inauguration as president following his election victory last month.
At least eight people were reportedly injured in a melee as they rushed into the Nairobi stadium.
Losing candidate Raila Odinga said he would not attend as he had “serious concerns” about his opponent winning.
Mr. Ruto won the election with 50.5% of the vote against Mr. Odinga with 48.8%. Mr Odinga claimed the result was rigged, but the Supreme Court ruled the election was free and fair.

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At least 20 heads of state were expected to attend the inauguration. Outgoing President Uhuru Kenyatta resigned at the end of his two terms.
Mr Kenyatta backed Mr Odinga in the election and said Mr Ruto was unfit to be president.
This led to a massive argument between the two men and Mr Kenyatta congratulated Mr Ruto on his victory just a day before his inauguration.

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Mr Kenyatta said he was committed to a peaceful transition and called on the new president to serve all Kenyans. In a statement, Mr Odinga said he received a call from Mr Ruto inviting him to the inauguration, but said he would not attend as he was abroad and did not believe the election was free and fair.
This is despite the Supreme Court issuing a unanimous decision upholding Mr Ruto’s victory and dismissing Mr Odinga’s concerns that the election had been marred by widespread irregularities.
Mr Ruto won after portraying himself as a “scam artist” challenging an attempt by two dynasties – the Odingas and the Kenyattas – to stay in power.
He promised a “bottom-up” approach to the economy to tackle high youth unemployment and improve the lives of those less fortunate.


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