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Police in Australia say five children have died and four others have been injured after falling from a bouncy castle that was thrown into the air.

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The disaster occurred on Thursday at a primary school fun day in Devonport, Tasmania, and was caused by a wind gust.

The children had fallen from a height of 10 meters (32 feet), with both girls and boys among the victims, according to police.

Authorities did not specify their ages, but stated they were all in grades five or six, which corresponds to children aged ten to twelve.

Darren Hine, the Commissioner of Tasmanian Police, said.

The accident was termed as “unthinkably tragic” by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

“It starts out as a pleasant day out for the kids… and then it turns into such a dreadful catastrophe.”

“It simply rips your heart at this time of year,” he remarked.

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After the collision at about 10 a.m. local time, paramedics responded swiftly at Hillcrest Primary School (23:00 Wednesday GMT)The kids were given first aid before being taken to the hospital in helicopters.

Four children were pronounced dead at the scene, while a fifth died later in the hospital.

Following the incident, which occurred on the last day of the school year, parents were immediately notified.

Locals “have started hurrying to the school to grab their children,” according to  correspondent

“A wind gust appeared to have carried the jumping castle and inflated balls into the air.”

According to a parent who spoke to a local newspaper, the school had previously put similar floats with no difficulties.

The woman told the Hobart Mercury, “You wouldn’t think a pleasant activity day would end like this.”

“We’re all devastated for the parents involved.”

And we feel terrible for being relieved that our children were not hurt.”

According to authorities, a coroner’s inquiry was underway.

Devonport is a tiny port city on Tasmania’s northern coast with a population of slightly unde4 30,000 people.

Other bouncy castle-related deaths have occurred.

In a similar tragedy in China in 2019, two children were killed and 20 more were injured.

A girl died in the UK a year ago after being tossed from a bouncy castle that burst on a Norfolk beach, according to eyewitnesses


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