Pacific island nation of Tonga

Significant damage has been reported in the Pacific island nation of Tonga as a result of a tsunami, but communication issues are making gathering the full picture difficult.

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On Sunday, the Hunga Tonga Hunga Haapai volcano erupted about 65 kilometers north of Nuku’alofa.

The eruption, which could be heard as far away as the United States, smashed into Tonga, causing more than a meter-high wave to crash into the island.

There have been no confirmed reports of injuries or deaths so far.

Angela Glover, a British woman, has gone missing, according to friends and family.

According to social media posts, she has been swept away in the waves.

Internet and phone communications are severely hampered, and outlying coastal areas remain cut off, making the true extent of damage unknown.

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On Facebook, the New Zealand High Commission in Tonga stated that “significant damage has been reported along the western coast of Tongatapu, including resorts and the waterfront area of northern Nuku’alofa,” referring to Tonga’s main island.

According to the report, “a thick layer of ash remains across Tongatapu.”

According to family members in Tonga, the Ha’atafu Beach Resort on Tongatapu was “completely wiped out,” and “the entire western coastline completely destroyed.”

According to the report, those who lived there “just managed to get to safety running through the bushes and escaping,” and were “unable to save anything.”Because of the volcanic eruption’s damage to a critical submarine cable, Barbara Dreaver, Pacific correspondent for Television New Zealand, wrote on Facebook that it would take “at least two weeks before international phones and internet are working again.”



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