Despite widespread criticism of the event’s policing on Saturday, France’s sports minister claims that spectators without tickets created initial crowd difficulties at the Champions League final in Paris.

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The mayhem at the stadium, according to Amélie Oudéa Castéra, was caused by a “mass gathering” of supporters with “false tickets.”

She further claimed that local youths attempting to push their way in exacerbated the situation.

The police response, however, has been branded as “very alarming” by the UK’s Culture Secretary, who has called for an investigation.

On Saturday evening, French police were chastised for using pepper spray and tear gas on some Liverpool fans as they waited to enter the stadium.

The handling of massive crowds attempting to gain admission to the Stade de France has also been criticized for police inefficiency.

The final was delayed by 35 minutes due to a scuffle outside the stadium, and Liverpool lost 1-0 to Real Madrid of Spain.

Ms. Oudéa remarks Castéra came ahead of a meeting with the French sports ministry, Uefa, the French Football Association, stadium administrators, and police on Monday to “draw lessons” from the occurrence.

“First and foremost, what happened was this vast assembly of British Liverpool supporters without tickets, or with fraudulent tickets

However, she claimed that additional individuals from the surrounding area attempted to force their way into the Stade de France, where the match was held.

“A number of adolescents from the surrounding region were present and attempted to gain entry by blending in with the crowd,” the minister stated.

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She also expressed regret for the damage tear gas had on families and children.

Real supporters had “no problems,” according to the French minister, and Real had greater control of their traveling fans than Liverpool.

The troubles were initially attributed to the “late arrival” of fans, according to Uefa.

When I tried to get inside the stadium last night, I kept running into this problem.

Locals attempting to push their way in resulted in security locking the gates and excluding valid ticket holders.

The cops either didn’t know how to handle it or didn’t want to.


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