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The United States and Europe are debating whether or not President Volodymyr Zelensky should flee Kyiv and create the Ukrainian government in exile.

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According to the article, US and European officials are debating how to support a government-in-exile led by Zelensky if the President is forced to quit Kyiv.

The topic of conversation was how to assist the Ukrainian president, his advisors, and top government officials in relocating to Lviv, in western Ukraine.

There’s also the prospect that the Ukrainian President and his advisors will be compelled to depart the nation and form a new administration in Poland, among other things.

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At this time, no decisions have been made because the discussions are still preliminary.

Top US and European officials are thought to be apprehensive of bringing this subject up directly with Zelensky, who wants to stay in Kyiv and protect his nation.

According to two western diplomats, the President has so far refused to engage in negotiations about anything other than supporting Ukraine in its struggle against Russia.

There have also been suggestions about moving one or two members of the Ukrainian government to an external site where a government could be established in the event that the country’s capital city is destroyed and Zelensky refuses or is unable to flee.


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