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A former chairman of the local government area of ​​Nsit Ubium, Surv. Chris Ekpo said the candidate for governor of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Akwa Ibom state, pastor Umo Eno, will reposition the agricultural sector to bring more profits to the people and the state if he becomes governor in 2023.

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Surviving Ekpo said Wednesday on a radio programme in Uyo.

While describing Pastor Eno as a man full of ideas, the surveyor said the state would begin exporting agricultural products shortly after pastor Umo Eno becomes governor. in 2023. “The man is overwhelmed.

He already has these results and from his project, he is genuinely determined that the agricultural sector will be revamped, repositioned, and made visible, productive, and affordable for every citizen of this state. During his reign, we will start exporting most of our agricultural products.

“This man was the executive director of the Agricultural Investment Branch, and as I speak, he has a database for every agricultural facility in this state.

All he is waiting for now is an invitation for him to put these things into action. Anyone who calls themselves a farmer in this state knows Umo Eno because he has sent inspectors to every corner of this state to locate and document them, “he said

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According to him, Pastor Eno plans to provide a warehouse where the government will store produce purchased by farmers across the state before they are exported or sold to end users.

He urged people to believe in Pastor Eno’s vision and mission, noting that with him there is hope for young people and for anyone who desires a change in the state. “You must believe in Umo Eno. Believe in his vision and in his missions. Umo Eno is an institution complete with intelligence.

He is rigorous, pragmatic, and results-oriented. My friends, when you hear Umo Eno speak, he does not just talk for you to hear; he speaks life and light to his audience and when his words reach an audience there is this provocation of virtues and values.

“There is hope for every young person – anyone who wants change or transformation in their life when they arrive. I want to tell you today that Umo Eno has more to offer than his plan,” he said. he declares.


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