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A global anti-corruption court should be created to try criminals, according to President Muhammadu Buhari.

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He also exhorted other African leaders to step up their efforts to fight corruption and increase the barriers to money theft from the government.

The President, who speaks for Africa in the fight against corruption, gave a speech in honor of “Africa Anti-Corruption Day” in which he praised African leaders for their accomplishments thus far and cautioned that more must be done to apprehend criminals and find assets stashed abroad.

Dear participants and fellow African leaders, corruption is bad, and all efforts to combat it are praiseworthy, he said. “. The fight against corruption in Africa has both advantages and disadvantages, as I have observed. Despite the challenges, the fight must go on for the benefit of the continent and its people.

Nigeria has been actively battling corruption since 2015. Asset recovery, prosecutions, convictions, asset seizures, and anti-corruption laws have all made significant progress.
“I must admit that there were some unpleasant aspects of the conflict. In reality, there is still a ton of work to be done on a variety of fronts.

Public servants and officials, for instance, must always conduct themselves in an ethical and appropriate manner. “The international community needs to get rid of safe havens. More speed is required in the judicial system. The fight against corruption may require the establishment of an international criminal court.

He claims that in order to create a better society, family and religious values must be modernized, and that schools must make a lot of effort to do this. It gives me great pleasure to address the crowd as we observe Anti-Corruption Day in Africa. The fight against corruption has advanced significantly in Nigeria and across Africa, distinguished participants.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank other African leaders for their efforts to combat corruption on our continent, both individually and collectively. I sincerely appreciate the faith you all have shown in me as a leader in Africa’s fight against corruption.
As far as I can tell, the 2022 theme is “Strategy and mechanisms for transparent management of Covid-19 funds, lessons from the pandemic.”

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We now recognize the necessity for additional health issue awareness campaigns and increased financial backing for the medical sector as a result of how quickly the Covid-19 pandemic was controlled in Nigeria. “The President told African leaders that in order for Africa to realize its full potential, corruption must be eradicated”.

By denying thieves their stolen property, we must demonstrate that crime does not pay.
Eliminating the avarice and carelessness of African elites is also essential. The importance of promoting morality, decency, and respect for the law across Africa cannot be overstated. If corruption is to be reduced, strategies for changing behavior must be developed in Africa. This makes sure that everyone, not just a select few, can benefit from national resources.

He went on to say that in order for anti-corruption groups to fulfill their missions, they must be given the necessary authority and power.

The president expressed his sincere gratitude for their sacrifices.
For the benefit of both the present and coming generations, Buhari emphasized, the fight against corruption must continue.

This statement means that the only place where our young people can live with dignity is in Africa. I’m glad that I’ll have accomplished more than just fighting corruption when I retire the following year.

“I implore the youth of our country to join me in this admirable endeavor.
“Advertising will judge us well if we tackle corruption in the right way,” he said, calling on African leaders to collaborate across all sectors to end corruption on the continent.”

The president stressed how important it is to get rid of corruption in Nigeria and throughout Africa. He claims that it will raise our people’s quality of life.


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